Jack Lohman

Jack Lohman was appointed Director of the Museum of London Group inAugust 2002.Of Polish origin, Jack Lohman was educated at the University of EastAnglia where he studied Fine Arts. He was awarded a scholarship to readArchitecture at the Freien Univeristat in Berlin and later obtained aMasters degree in Architecture at the University of Manchester. He wenton to win a British Council Fellowship Award to study History of Art atWarsaw University. He received Honorary Doctorate from the University ofWestminster in 2004.Before taking up his present appointment, Jack Lohman was the ChiefExecutive Officer of Iziko Museums of Cape Town, an organizationconsisting of fifteen national museums including the South AfricanMuseum, the South African Maritime Museum and the South African NationalGallery. Here he led the creation of a new museum institution and thetransformation of the national museum sector.Between 1985 and 1994, he worked for English Heritage, developingmuseums and exhibitions both nationally and internationally.Jack Lohman is Professor of Museum Design and Communication at theBergen National Academy of Arts in Norway (since 1995), Chair of ICOM(International Council of Museums) UK (since 2002), Chair of RothschildFoundation Europe (since 2007) and a member of the UK NationalCommission of UNESCO (since 2005). He is a Board Member of Warsaw Museumand Editor-in-Chief of UNESCO's publication series 'Museums andDiversity'.

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